The Monastikon Chronicles: Incipit

Thou Should Prepare To Confront Thy Unearthly Foes!


“Necessitas etiam timidos fortes facit [Need makes even the timid brave]” – Sallust. 

b-blackbook.300rother Brad am I, humble monk from the holy flock of Brambyre, from the southern counties of Aengland, locked in an abnormal quest to deliver us from an unearthly evil.

So, as this ixth day of thys present monthe drew to a dark and murky close, I found myself at the main door to Rosebyrne Abbey, several miles south of Lundinum. The menace I seek resides within… and has done, apparently, for some time…

Exasperated beyond measure, I had to knock upon that door several anxious times before someone answered it. A small, timid man with a bulbous growth protruding from his brow, completely concealing his left eye, came to my aid. 

“Ah, ye be the Brother named Brad? The Abbot is expecting thee! Please, come…” he bumbled, hastily swinging the door back, allowing me to enter.

I was shown into quite a large and spacious Greeting Hall. A tall and gaunt figure appeared in the transept opposite. With a beaming grin that creased all the wrinkles across his bedraggled face, he limped swiftly towards me.

“Welcome, amicus, to Rosebyrne Abbey! I am Brother Aldis, Caretaker of this house. This is Brother Rylan. He has prepared ye a most splendid chamber, as is his role in our abbey. Presently, our Abbot: Hugh Dan, will come to meet thee shortly. Rylan will show thee to where thy wilt stay…” 

“Thankee verily. I am feeling rather peckish-“

“Yea, I was about to mention the Refectory! Rylan can take ‘ee there right now, if thee wishes…” 

“Yea, ‘twould be splendid!” 

“Very well, to dinner, then! I am ut comedanus – ready to eat, so I shall come with thee…”


“Natura nihil frustra facit [Nature does nothing in vain]” – Leucippus. 

Glad to have human company again, for a change, I found myself constantly asking questions, despite being exhausted from my arduous trek.

As we sauntered casually along the Cloister Walk, I asked: “Hast thou had any new monks take up residence here in recent days?”  

“Hmm, yea, two new oblates during this past month…”

“Dost thou recall thy names?” 

“Hmm, Ramsey… and… Marden… but why-?” 

All three of us stopped in our tracks.

“May I confide in thee, Brother?” I uttered softly. “I knoweth not what the Abbot told thee, but I am searching for an absconded monk, and your Abbot invited me here to… “collect” thy cur…”  

That evening, the bowl of gruel respectfully prepared by my amiable hosts at the Rosebyrne Abbey did not go down at all well. Apart from the ingredients being decidedly off, my mind was preoccupied by the stress of having to track down the latest Skyfallen One. 

I wish there was some kind of device that could alert me to their presence in our world, and make my hunt that bit reassuringly easier. 

But nay…

A pox on the lot of them!


“Nil mortalibus ardui est [Nothing is impossible for humankind]” – Horace. 

These chronicles will not write themselves, I say to myself as I sat alone in my new chamber, staring at the blank parchment in front of me. Yet the fatigue from one long day’s journey, and the overwhelming urge to get out and track down any sign of wraithkind impinged my compulsion to write.

Instead of taking advantage of the mattress sprawled out on the the floor before me, I got up and went out to investigate my new surroundings.

I strolled through the cloisters, alone with my feverish thoughts; ‘twould be best to stay awake, for my mind cannot settle comfortably whilst beset with the uneasy knowledge that a wraith lurks within these very walls. 

Besides, the unrelenting chill of this bitter Winter’s night will not let me settle – but you knew this…

My heart skipped a beat; other footsteps stalked these cloisters this evening…

I hid behind one column and peered round. Another monk crept spritely and purposefully away. With his back to me, and his hood up, identifying this soul seemed out of the question.

However, this individual appeared to be very tall; none of the company from either the Refectory or the Choir were particularly above average height. Moreover, those wraiths encountered thus far seemed unnaturally tall…   

An unaccountable curiosity compelled me to follow this figure further…

I must NOT fail – non progredi est regredi?


“Flectere si nequeo superos, acheronta movebo” [If I cannot move heaven I will raise hell] – Virgil.

A tremendous gale surged and bellowed against the walls outside as I continued to pursue this character inside. Dizziness crept over me, and my vision became too blurred, but sight of “him” would not be lost!

He stopped outside what I presumed to be a private chapel, lifted the latch and walked in.

The door stood ajar, enough for me to peer in. This tall monk knelt on the stone floor, fumbling with an object – I knew not what – cradled with both hands.

Abruptly, an astounding bluish flare lit up the air in front of him.

I gasped as it swirled and fluctuated… and metamorphed into a distinctly humanoid silhouette. Ne plus ultra!

“O Domine Malus, ’tis done!” the monk announced. “The one named Brad has arrived!”  

Deo volente? WHAT?!

And then, to compound my bewilderment further, a most malevolent voice emanated from the blue shape!

“Well done, Marden!” this ethereal entity uttered. “So, the worm who dares to defy us responded to our call! Good… Lead him away from the brethren, and… eliminate him…” 

O Lord, give me strength! Now, more than ever: must keep awake! Must keep alert!

Ye may know me, but now I have found thee, wraith! Treacherous dog!

The Lord as my witness, I shall smite thee afore thy malevolent hand can touch me!

I swear it!



“The Earth remains forever” – Ecclesiastes 1:4.


6 thoughts on “The Monastikon Chronicles: Incipit

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    1. Thankee verily, Brother Parlor!
      Th premise is intriguing enough: instead of aliens infiltrating Earth in the 21st century, what wld happen if they arrived during th 12th century?
      Robert E Howard is a great name to drop, but I haven’t had much access to his work.
      If u are interested, I can send u Links to further drafts
      Good den, good sir!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankee verily!
      Wondering whether to write science fiction or historical fiction, I wondered what it wld b like to combine th 2!
      I use a combination of Middle English & Latin, th languages most prevalent in 12th century England.
      Using WordPress to experiment w my drafts, hopefully, a novel shld b finalised and published later this yr.
      Good den!


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